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Arts Appreciation

April 30, 2024

The Arts Appreciation Program promotes the enjoyment  and appreciation of music, dance, drama, and the visual arts, through a broad range of activities and mediums. 

The Arts is a combination of Drama, Dance, Music and the Visual Arts. The school year begins with Drama, second term is Music and after Spring Break, students focus on Dance. Make sure to wear gym clothing and shoes you can move in!

It has been an active time in The Arts!

Students have been busy learning dance vocabulary, demonstrating movements and beginning to choreograph their dance routines. We begin each class with stretching and a warm up, getting their bodies prepared to move in a safe way. 

We have started to learn elements of dance such as extension, flexion and rotation. We have learned about different  genres of dance like ballet, jazz, hip hop and folk and students will be infusing the lessons learned as they contribute to choreography and improvisation to music. Younger students will be dancing to classical pieces and older students to more contemporary pieces. 

Please mark June 18th in your calendars as that is the evening of our DANCE SHOWCASE!

All students should come to The Arts with:

· Clean indoor runners

    We need footwear that is safe to dance in: no sandals, boots or heels.

· Comfortable clothing that allows for movement

· Water bottle

Older students may want to bring a change of clothes and deodorant as we will be very active and sweating! 






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