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Room 5

December 1, 2023

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For Language Arts, we will continue to do guided reading and small group instruction using activities from Read To Me FrameworkStudents are focus in learning about vowels, vocabulary words, rhyming word and practicing the mechanics of writing good sentences.  We are also utilizing a new reading app called, Reading Eggs, an online reading program for students. Designed by literacy experts, which helps determine the students reading level while making learning literacy skills easy and fun for students. Students feel that it is just a game but it is an educational tool that helps the students to be able read with comprehension and fluency. In Math, we are working on skip counting from 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, and we will continue to work on ordering and sequencing numbers, subitizing numbers using Mathrack (1-100), how to make ten using 10 frames, addition exercises, by using different math manipulatives and doing mental math strategies. For Social Studies, we commemorate the celebration of Remembrance Day, students learned about peace, the history behind the wearing of the poppy flower and most of all the importance of honouring our veterans and soldiers.  This month, we will focus more about our different community workers and the community that we live in. In Science, we discussed about the importance of health and nutrition and ways on how to take care of our body. Making good and healthy choices by having a complete meal on our plate. This month we are all excited to know more about different winter animals, as an extension of our lesson about living things. Lastly, thank you to all the parents who attended the in person or via phone call, parent-teacher conference for this first quarter. Your support is a vital component for your child’s education. I am so glad to be able to connect and discussed with you about your child’s academic progress, social development, and overall performance in school. 






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