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Room 5

October 31, 2022

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November, 2022

For ELA, we worked on developing our reading fluency and comprehension through daily practice of reading basic sight words, word families, sentences, and stories. We have Reading Buddies with Room 19 every Day 2. 

In Math, we are working in groups to practice various skills like: counting objects, adding/subtracting numbers, making tens, and making patterns. We also practice various skills like  counting collections, adding/subtracting numbers, making tens, making patterns, identifying numbers before and after the given number, rote counting forward/backward from 1 to 100, and skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s to 100.

For Art and Music lessons, we sing songs like: The Body Parts”, “Please and Thank You”, “Respect Song”, “Adding Doubles 1-10”, and “The Big Number Song”.  We do Mandala Art on Day 5.

In Science, we studied about body parts, five senses, living things and non-living things, and fall season. In Social Studies, we discussed ways of showing LOVE and RESPECT. We will practice writing PAX Tootle Note. This note entitles person recognition, praise, and honours for helping make our school a wonderful place every day.

We also discussed about the Second Step Program and we will continue to use some strategies to develop concentration and active listening skill: eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet, and body still.





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