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Room 5

May 7, 2024

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April was indeed a very busy month! We had a month filled with Spring Bus Ridership where students learn to be safe by following school bus safety rules. We were visited by the Earth Rangers with some of their animals. It is a charity that transforms children’s concerns about our environment. They encourage students to become environmental leaders at home, in school and in the community. Then last April 10, we celebrated the International Day of Pink by wearing our pink shirt that symbolizes our commitment to diversity and inclusion by combatting all forms of discrimination. Also, last April 12 we had a fieldtrip at the Children’s Museum where students creative learning and imagination were ignited once again.  Students had so much fun while learning, the museum provides an interactive learning environment that nurtures their power of imagination and spirit of self-discovery. Furthermore, last April 22, we had our pro-social presentation in our live assembly. We recited and filmed our poem “I am a Tree” by Nancy Kopman, it is a perfect poem for Earth Day, learning about nature, growth, acceptance and resilience. The second part of our presentation was a parade of “Pretend Play Costumes made from Recycled Carboard Boxes”, students learned to recycle cardboard boxes and turn them into costumes.  They learned that when they reuse and recycle items like cartons, it reduces the number of trees that need to be cut down, preserving the trees to keep our air clean and our planet healthy. Recycling also gives cartons the opportunity for a second life.  It reminds us that recycling helps reduce waste and keep our planet clean.


Lastly, our academic learning journey continues to “bloom” this spring season with the help of Ms. Jayden Hildebrand as she embarks on her student-teaching block in our class. We are very glad to have you once again!





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