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July 21, 2022

Manitoba Healthy Foods in Schools

Winnipeg School Division Nutrition Policy

Canada's Food Guide

Ensuring that students have access to healthy nutritious food choices as well as nutrition education is an important part of a supportive and healthy eating environment in schools. Another important component is the ongoing promotion of an active healthy lifestyle.

Here are some guiding concepts:
  • Develop a shared vision of healthy school nutrition.

  • Develop and adopt guidelines for healthy school nutrition environments.
  • Have participating schools identify priority healthy school nutrition issues and develop and implement an action plan 
  • Evaluate activities, plans, compile and share information.                   
  • Move forward with school nutrition guidelines to assist schools as they make plans to improve school nutrition
  • Celebrate successes with staff, students, parents and the community

The Four Guidelines

The four guidelines that were initially chosen focus items for the schools in the Healthy School Nutrition Project Schools.

  1. Healthy Food Options - The quality of the school nutrition environment depends on the quality of all foods and beverages sold or served at the school. School nutrition policies must address all foods and beverages sold or served on school grounds or at school events.
  2. Pleasant Eating Experiences and Environmental Issues - Students enjoy their food more with a pleasant dining area and may try more healthy food options if they can relax, eat and socialize without feeling rushed.
  3. Nutrition Education - Building nutrition knowledge and skills with students, staff and parents, helps everyone involved make wiser healthy eating and physical activity choices.
  4. Quality School Meals - Healthy foods offered in school breakfast and lunch programs allows children to learn to enjoy many different foods and develop healthy eating patterns.

Mulvey School Selects Nutrition Education

Building nutrition knowledge and skills helps children make healthy eating and physical activity choices. To make a difference, nutrition education for students should be appropriate for the students' ages and provide opportunities for them to practice skills and have fun.


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