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Pro-Social Program

July 21, 2022


The Pro-Social Program is a school wide behavioural system that promotes a positive school community. Weekly assemblies proactively educate students on targeted skills, appropriate responses and school wide consequences. It also helps to supplement Mulvey School’s Code of Conduct. 

The purpose of the Pro-Social Program is to promote a healthy school culture where high levels of achievement occur within a positive safe and caring school environment. 

Some positive rewards that are included in the program are:

  • Pro-Social Skills Training - During the weekly Monday Morning Assemblies specific skills are targeted and shared school wide. Presentations are assigned to particular classes throughout the year.
  • SAFE tickets are given to students who are observed demonstrating the skills. Tickets are entered into a draw for prizes at a monthly assembly.
  • Acts of Recognition, based on the Seven Teachings, are presented to students at the weekly Monday Morning Assembly.
  • Being my BEST Certificates are provided to students throughout the year for those who have not had any office referrals.

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