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Physical Education

April 1, 2024

Physical Education Newsletter – April, 2024

According to the Manitoba Provincial Curriculum of Physical Education, one of the emphasis is on the acquisition of movement skills, with the application to simple activities/games (grades 1 to 3) and sports (grades 4 to 6). In April, students will continue to engage in a variety of games and activities to improve movement skills, personal fitness and enjoyment. As an extension of the Physical Education program, throughout the school year, we provide our students with opportunities to engage in various intramural and club activities tailored to their interest, fostering the enhancement of movement skills, personal fitness, and social abilities.

Intramural and Club Activities: The Mulvey School soccer teams have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship in the inner-city Soccer league, competing in 11 games and representing with excellence. They deserve our sincere appreciation for their achievements.

The Mulvey School Basketball Team will be participating in the tournament hosted by Meadows West School scheduled for April 11 (AM).

There will be a YOGA session for primary grades (1 to 3) in April every Monday from 12:30-1:00. 

We will continue to offer our students Before School Open Gym sessions throughout April.

Please refer to our monthly Intramural calander.

Mr. Ambaye 


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Mulvey School Physical Education Program Overview

2023 - 2024


Acquisition of movement skills is a key factor for students choosing to lead physically active and healthy lifestyles. Students are less likely to participate in physical activities and recreational sport if they have not learned the skills or experienced success in applying them. The fundamental movement skills that we teach our students in our program are the foundation or building blocks of an active lifestyle during adolescence.

Physical Education Learning Outcomes Explanation

Mulvey School Physical Education Program is based on the Manitoba Curriculum Framework of outcomes for Active Healthy Lifestyles.

The aim of the program is to provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles. The vision is physically active and healthy lifestyles for all students.

Curriculum Content and Learning Outcomes

Curriculum content is organized within the following five learning outcomes:

  • Movement: The student will demonstrate competency in selected movement skills, and learning experiences.
  • Fitness Management: The student will develop physical activity habits, personal fitness and preparing them for lifelong physical activity and well-being.
  • Safety: The student will demonstrate safe and responsible behaviours to manage risks and prevent injuries in physical activity participation.
  • Personal and Social Management: the student will demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with others, and to build positive relationships with others.
  • Healthy lifestyle Practices: The student will demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions for healthy living related to personal health practices, active living, and healthy nutritional practices.

Instruction and Programming

For balanced programming in Physical Education at Mulvey School, students receive instruction in the following five physical activity categories:

  • Individual/Dual sports/games
  • Team/Group sports/games
  • Rhythmic/Gymnastic Activities
  • Fitness Activities


We use an assessment in our program as an educational process for the purpose of improving learning. We monitor student’s progress throughout the year to provide ongoing feedback and adjust instructional strategies in order to meet student’s learning needs.

Intramural Program

 Intramurals are school sponsored non-competitive physical/recreational activities for all with the following objectives:

  • Give students the opportunity to participate in various activities for fitness and skill development.
  • Give students a chance to explore and practice movement skills.
  • Provide sport and recreational activities for all students
  • Promote leadership, social skills, and responsibility.

Intramurals can be categorized into four types:

  • Sport Limitations such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, etc.
  • Low organized/co-operative games such as dodgeball, tag, relays, etc.
  • Special events such as winter/summer fun day, etc.
  • Clubs such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, hockey, jump rope, etc.

Mulvey Physical Education Class Rules:

  • Follow Instructions
  • Always Try Your Best
  • Treat Others with Respect
  • Play Safe, Play Fair 
  • Enter and Exit the gym Quietly

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the program.

Mr. Ambaye

Physical Education specialist


The aim of the Physical Education program is to provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skill, and attitude for physically active and healthy lifestyles. During the month of September, we have been focusing on establishing the routines, space awareness, moving into the general space safely, fundamental skills in soccer and fitness activities. The preparation is underway to participate in the Central Division Soccer Tournament, scheduled for October 10 and 12, 2023 at Tec Voc High School for grades 6 and 5, respectively. 

Terry Fox School Run: Mulvey School is participating in the Terry Fox School Run and ready to accept donations. We are so proud to be part of this Canadian tradition in the fight against cancer. Please support our students fundraising efforts and donate today at 

The Physical Education Department will offer Intramural program. The program provides safe and supervised physical activities for our school children. Students will be given opportunities to participate in various activities/games. Additionally, we offer Before School Open Gym from October to the end of May, giving our students the chance to practice movement skills and engage in free play from Tuesday to Friday. Please refer to the Intramural schedule.

Intramural schedule for October is attached to newsletter.










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