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Room 7

October 31, 2022

Hello Room 7 families! We continue to get to know each other and are working on building respectful friendships with one another. We have also been practicing our classroom routines and transitions every day. This past month, we took the time to discuss the importance of respecting and loving the people around us to honour National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We were also able to decorate an orange shirt as a classroom and display it outside our school along side all the other classroom’s orange shirts. The children were full of beautiful ideas and examples of how we can show kindness and love to those around us. I am so proud of them! We were able to start our classroom Read to Me Framework as well this past month. We are on our way to becoming more confident readers and writers in Room 7. For math, we have been working on our numeracy skills by reviewing counting forward and backward, using our subitizing skills, working on simple addition, and working on patterns. I am very excited to be a part of all the learning taking place in Room 7!



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