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Room 7

December 4, 2023

The month of November was so busy and filled with lovely conversations. Remembrance Day offered us the opportunity to read books and watch videos about love, peace, and respect. The students had countless opportunities to share and express their thoughts and create writing pieces on these topics. It has been wonderful being a part of these whole class conversations. We continue to work on our classroom routines and transitions daily. We have also began using the Second Step Program in our classroom to learn about respecting one another, managing emotions, having and showing empathy, how to solve conflicts, and creating a respectful classroom. The students have been very engaged in the program so far. In Math, we continue to build our foundational numeracy skills by strengthening our understanding of numbers. We are reviewing concepts and learning new ones. We have taken some time to look at representing numbers through tally marks, ten frames, dice, using fingers, and number lines. We continue using the Read to Me Framework, and I am getting the opportunity to watch students grow reading skills and build confidence as readers. I am so proud of everyone! We are working on our printing by practicing proper letter formation, number formation, and watching for number reversals when we are working on our math assignments. Students are also working on creating sentences using capital letters at the beginning of their sentences, spaces between words, and adding punctuation to the end of their sentences. I would like to thank families for taking the time to attend Parent Teacher Conferences. It was so great connecting with everyone and celebrating each child’s learning! Thank you for being a partner with me on this learning journey with your child. Have a wonderful, healthy and safe Holiday Season!






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