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Room 13

April 1, 2024

Spring has arrived! What a pleasure it will be to spend more time outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who participated in the parent-teacher interviews. Family support is crucial to the success of any student.                    

Once school resumes we will be venturing into the world of fractions. Concepts such as part-whole relationships, various ways of representing fractions as fractions, decimals and percents will be the focus. We will begin our look into the Second World War which will expand to include the Holocaust through the lenses of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. I look forward to a lot of interesting discussions that this topic generates. In Science, we will continue our look into living organisms. The students in Room 13 will demonstrate their understanding of what they have learned by “discovering” a new organism and classifying their organism based on the organism’s “characteristics”. In ELA we will expand our writing to include other genres such as poetry and perhaps fractured fairy tales! 




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