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Room 13

November 2, 2022

Room 13 November Newsletter

This month is shaping up to be a tremendous one. The students are beginning to apply the skills they already possess and apply new ones they have learned so that they may “Earn Their Learning” which is one of the core goals of the class this year. In Social Studies we are looking at the different forms of governments to help us improve our understanding of world events. We will also have a look at the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. In Language Arts our focus is on writing, specifically learning how to write proper paragraphs using the definition and elements of a paragraph and graphic organizers to help plan our ideas. In Science, we will continue to advance our understanding of the solar system and the many interesting concepts that go along with it such as why we have day and night, seasons and solar and lunar eclipses just to name a few. In Math, we are developing our problem solving and flexible thinking skills to help us think of a variety of ways to understand math concepts and solve problems.

Mr. Kussin

Grade 5/6





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