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Coach Room 14

April 1, 2024

We hope everyone had a great Spring Break! We finished up March with learning the Eagle song with Norway from the Link’s Indigenous Initiatives team. We also went ice fishing at Lockport. It was a really nice day and quite a few students caught a fish! Jennifer from Agriculture in the classroom came to visit and taught us about technology and how it can be used in farming. She brought ozobots for the students to try out and they had fun coloring a code for the ozobot to perform. Our Roots of Empathy baby Leo came to visit on the 21st and she can almost crawl now. We are enjoying watching her grow and seeing the changes each month.  We started up our second 10 week dance program with Miss Kathleen and we’re excited to have her back.  We are reading a novel from the series The Littles which we are enjoying. We are looking forward to spring and the arrival of our painted lady caterpillars. The students always enjoy watching them grow, go into chrysalis and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.







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