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Room 16

April 1, 2024

The warmer weather is approaching quickly. We are all very excited to feel the warmth of the sun, and start to see the greenery return on our ground and in our trees.

However, before we speak of the warmer weather, I must say, teachers and students alike, were all very happy the cooler weather held out for us while we attended our annual trip to Camp Cedarwood. We once again had an amazingly fun time full of new adventures, friendship building, healthy outdoor activities, and many laughs. Thank you to all of our families for trusting the Mulvey adults to care for your children and take them on this trip. I hope they came back with many great stories and memories to last a lifetime! I have shared a few pictures of our trip, but unfortunately there are too many to put in this newsletter.

Thank you also to the many families for attending a successful parent teacher conference and for sharing in the support and success of the children. It was lovely to visit with all of you.

There are only three months of school left and I am very excited that we still have an amazing journey of learning ahead of us! 




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