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Room 16

November 2, 2022

Happy November to Our Mulvey Families, Friends, and Community,

We have been exploring many things in Room 16, from weather and how it affects humans and wildlife (science), to First Peoples of Canada and how the various groups across Canada lived differently according to resources and landscape (Social Studies). We have also been working on various areas in math from measurement to multiplication and a plethora of concepts in English Language Arts, from sentence structure, to juicy descriptive wording and details in story writing, to the three aspects of reading that we need to focus on, Comprehension (understanding), decoding (sounding out the words), and Fluency (reading with flow and attending to punctuation). We will of course continue our work in all areas and try our very best to have fun doing it. 

A phrase that I have been talking to the students about is this, “When your brain finds something challenging and hard, you are in a position where you are learning”. When we are in a state of ease and familiarity, our brain is not being challenged to learn something new. It is important to push ourselves and to believe that we can accomplish what we put our minds to. I hope this sentiment resonates with our families, and that this message can be a joint effort from both school and home.


We are excited in room 16 because some of our new classroom books and games have arrived. We have been exploring these and having fun working together to figure out how the games work and to enjoy some quiet time reading and journeying to far off places and learning about new things. Please take the time to ask your kids about the games and books we have been exploring in room 16. I look forward to speaking with you at our upcoming conferences.



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