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Room 17

December 4, 2023

We have done a lot this month from community clean-ups, to our bridge-building project to wrapping up our Materials and Structures unit in Science. We learnt over the weeks how structures are made of strong shapes (triangles, arches and domes), supports (beams, trusses, columns) and used the information to build the sturdiest bridge using raw fettucine noodles, marshmallows, toothpicks and clay. During Social Studies one day, we took advantage of the +6 ° weather- grabbed our garbage-grabbers, rubber gloves, garbage bags and went for a community clean-up walk. As a class we collected 5 large bags of garbage! We later brainstormed strategies to limit the littering that occurs in our neighbourhood and how it has a negative impact on our Earth. In Mathematics, we have learnt that math is used every day. From telling time, to measuring an object. Fractions? Not as scary as we thought, by using hands on methods to understand fractions are parts of a whole- think the little squares on a chocolate bar!



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