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Room 17

May 7, 2024

You know what they say… April showers (sometimes snow) bring May flowers! We’ve been busy learning all about “Sound” in Science and are looking forward to explore “Soils in Our Environment” with our exciting field trip with CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) at Beaudry Park! Remember to dress for the weather and to pack a bag lunch. In mathematics we are utilizing the skills we have learnt about area and perimeter and are building our own city. Our city must fit the proper requirements… or it might get bulldozed! Ever put thought into who invented the first ever broom? In Social Studies we are currently exploring ancient artifacts originally created in Egypt that have been adapted and still used today. In ELA we are looking closer into the literature we are reading- What’s the main idea? Who are the characters? Why is the author telling us the story that way? That’s all for this month, remember to read every night for 15-20 minutes, stay mindful of the waste in our lunches, and always, always be kind! 



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