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Room 18

November 9, 2023


We have had a very busy month here in our classroom. We have been continuing to learn about Canada and have started taking a closer look at the different symbols of Canada and all the provinces and territories. Did you know that the provincial bird of Manitoba is the Great Grey Owl? We are also looking at and trying to draw the flags for all the provinces and territories. Some of them are very intricate and tricky. In math we are continuing to learn about place value and are practicing adding and subtracting with large numbers. We have been learning how to do solve these questions both horizontally and vertically. In Science we are continuing to learn about the human body and how all the organs and systems work. Did you know that if you measured all the blood vessels in our bodies it would wrap around the earth more than twice! That’s pretty incredible! In Language Arts, have been working on persuasive writing, organizing our writing into paragraphs and editing our work. We are continuing with our spelling program as well. Please remind your child to study their spelling words every week to prepare for their test on Friday. 



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