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Room 18

April 1, 2024

1712001342271.jpegI would like to say a big thank you to all of you who were able to connect for our Parent Teacher Interviews. It was great to talk you and to take the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and all the progress they have made over the last term. If we were not able to connect, please call the school and we can arrange a time to talk. J  

1712001342280.jpegMarch was a very busy month for us. We had an amazing time at Camp Cedarwood. We did so many new things and spent so much time outside, it really was a wonderful experience! In Science we are continuing to learn about Simple Machines. We have toured the school and found simple machines everywhere we look. We also worked on a drawing design for our own robot that has at least one example of each simple machine within it. Coming up with the ideas was a lot of fun! In Social Studies we are continuing to talk about WW11. We have learned many interesting facts and especially enjoyed learning about the Indigenous code talkers and the fact that not one code was ever broken. Pretty amazing. 

In Math, we continuing to work on our multiplication and related division facts and how to multiply two and three digit numbers. We have been playing a lot of different math games to practice our facts. 

1712001342290.jpegWe are also excited to welcome our student teacher Ms. April who will be doing her teaching block for the month of April. She is a great addition to our class and we are excited to learn with her. 


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