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Room 18

November 2, 2022

1667420170227.jpeg1667420240835.pngWe have had a very busy month here in our classroom. We have been continuing to learn about Canada and have started taking a closer look at the different symbols of Canada and all the provinces and territories. Did you know that the provincial flower of Manitoba is the Prairie Crocus. We are also looking at and trying to draw the flags for all the provinces and territories. Some of them are very intricate and tricky. We have also been participating in the Student Vote program. We have learned about how the Canadian Government works and have done some research on the different candidates running for mayor in Winnipeg. After our research we voted within our class to see who we would wat to be our new mayor. In math we are continuing to learn about place value and are practicing adding and subtracting with large numbers. We have been learning how to do solve these questions both horizontally and vertically. In Science we are continuing our inquiry into the Oceans. We are currently learning about all the different zones of the ocean. We have been especially intrigued by the Abyssopelagic and the Hadopelagic Zones.  The animals that live in the deepest part of the oceans are very strange and interesting to learn about. Have you ever seen an Angler Fish or a Dumbo Octopus?


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