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Room 19

December 4, 2023

It was good to see so many families during parent-teacher conferences, and for those we missed we will try to fit in a meeting time or phone call as soon as possible. As for the month of November itself, we learned about Remembrance Day, and presented our video of In Flanders Fields at the assembly (available to view on Mr Papineau’s YouTube channel!); we read, researched, and wrote at least a bit every day and began our part of the intermediate Read To Me program; we spelled to the best of our abilities in Words their Way; learned about the skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems in Science; and in math we solved problems, aced addition drills, multiplied large numbers, and worked in groups on the boards for regular learning activities. 

For December, we have begun rehearsing and are looking forward to performing our song at the Winter Concert with room 18. Ms Hawthorn, who is a student teacher from the University of Winnipeg will be with us every day and taking over some of the instructional load for the next few weeks. Finally, have a great winter break and we’ll see all Room 19ers after the holidays.




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