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Room 22

February 7, 2024

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The Grade one and two students have had a wonderful start to the 2024 year! 

We started off in January finishing off some units, such as Celebrations and Traditions in Social Studies, Blends and Digraphs in English Language Arts and Daily and Seasonal Changes in Science. We also started some of our new units, such as Five Senses and Measurement. We will be continuing to learn about these units into February. We will also be starting some new units in February; in Social Studies will begin our inquiry into My Community. We will be taking a closer look at jobs in our community as well as places in our community.


In ELA we have been focusing on Other Vowel Patterns; this includes words that have ‘oo’, ‘ea’, ‘igh’, etc. Students have also been practicing writing on their own, and sounding out words they don’t know how to spell. This will become a big focus for the class as we move into February. 




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