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Room 23

November 2, 2022

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Click here to access Dreambox

We kicked off Math studies by focusing on place value. We have also started doing daily Dreambox sessions that are at the appropriate level for the individual student. This program may be accessed from home, and I will provide an information sheet at the upcoming parent teacher conferences on how to do this. 

In Social Studies, we have been studying communities with the class developing a greater understanding of needs versus wants. 

In Science, we have begun the year by focussing on healthy living. We will next turn our attention to a unit that will have us learning about structures.

This month we will be continuing with the “Read To Me” literacy program in our classroom which provides daily small group instruction for all students

I look forward to meeting with all families at the upcoming parent teacher conferences. If you are not able to attend at your scheduled time, please contact me through the school office to make alternative arrangements. 

With the weather turning colder, and the need to begin to wear winter clothing I encourage everyone to try and label clothing items if at all possible. By putting your child’s initials and 23 on a label or tag it will make it much easier to identify items and make them less likely to be lost.





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