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Art Class

January 26, 2023

Welcome back to Artists Alley everyone!

The Sept-Dec has just flown by! I’m so pleased to see how colourful the art room is looking as I hang up more and more of your artwork!  The Gr. 1/2’s have all finished their shadow animal art and they turned out amazing. Looking at them, I feel connected to you all, just as your animals are all connected to each other in your art.  The grade 2/3’s keep working away on their dolls, they now have bodies and we are starting to put them together. This is tricky work and you have applied yourselves well in the creation of your “Mini Me’s”.  The grade 3/4’s have finished applying their identity “tattoo’s” to their masks and they are now proudly displayed in the hallway outside the art room. The black and white style of them makes a dramatic statement that draws the eye. The COACH students are working on their symmetrical stained glass windows as a nod towards this winter season.

The grade 4/5 students are showcased here in the Artist’s Alley trying out their cutting and sewing skills for their Inuit Story quilts.  You’ve made a lot of progress so please keep working away. Sewing can be tedious and hard but I know you can do it!   Last but not least the Grade 5/6 students have been busy making their prints. I can tell this is the fun part of this complex process for you. I hope you can continue the good work as you enter the new year!

I’m so proud of you all and all of the hard work you’ve done exploring Balance and Inuit art this school year. I hope you enjoy the winter break however it is celebrated in your household. I am looking forward to having everyone back as we finish up these projects and ease into our next art unit in the New Year!

Ms. Brenna



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