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Art Class

December 4, 2023

Welcome back once again to Ms. Brenna’s Artists Alley! 


Our collaborative Unity vases are nearing completion!  It has been wonderful to see all of you working together to create something both cohesive and beautiful. All the grade groups are transitioning to new projects. Some students are finishing up their work on the vase while the others are beginning their newest art project. I figured in this Artists Alley I would outline the new projects we are starting this month and show you their completed vases next month. Before I get into that though, highlighted in the photos this month are some of our Grade 2/3 students collaboratively painting their vase. 


All grade groups are either continuing on with clay and glazing projects or starting a new unit on Famous Artists. 


The Gr. 1/2 class will be learning about famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. He like to make images as simplistically as possible eventually simplifying down to only straight lines and primary colours. The Gr. 2/3’s are learning about clay and will be working to make their own clay bowls with patterned designs on them to unify them. They will then learn how to pour candles and turn their bowls into ceramic-housed candles. The Grade 3/4’s and COACH students are also continuing to work on the skills of drawing and glazing as they move from “plants” and “oceans” to “habitats” in general. Each student has selected a habitat photo that they are attempting to draw. These habitats will eventually be drawn and glazed onto ceramic plates to create beautiful habitat art plates. The Grade 4/5’s will be using clay as the covers for homemade memory books they are going to make. They will be working with the glazes again but also developing skills in origami, book binding, and clay hand building. Finally, the Grade 5/6’s are learning about famous artists. Each student has selected an art piece by a famous artist and is attempting to recreate it as accurately as they can in a drawing. These drawings will be turned into paintings that they will be putting onto the art room stools. Adding to the beauty of our work space for years to come.


I have been impressed with the focus and hard work all the students have been putting into our Unity vases and I can’t wait to see them all finished. I look forward to starting these new projects with you all as we move into the winter season. Wishing you all a happy winter break and I’ll see you all back in January.


Ms. Brenna





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