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Art Class

May 7, 2024

Welcome back once again to Ms. Brenna’s Artists Alley! 


Highlighted this month in artists’ alley are the Gr. 1/2 classes. They are working hard as choreographers and dancers and their dances are nearing completion! Then there is just time left in the year for the 3 P’s: practice, perfecting, and performance. We will be working to tweak our dance moves and get them just right so we are doing things together at the right times. Then after lots of practice we will be looking for some special opportunities to perform our dance for an audience.


The Gr. 2/3’s are still working on the glazing for their candle holders. We are almost ready to put them all in the kiln. Then it is on to pouring candles a fun new experience. The Grade 3/4’s are almost all done their habitat plates and we are starting to collectively consider their next arts project. Probably something within the performing arts. Speaking of, the COACH students have begun their performing art unit with an introduction to “Hand Chimes”. They have selected their performance piece and are starting the 3 P’s as well. The Grade 4/5’s continue working on their Memory book covers, everyone has moved on to the glazing portion of the project. Next up is book assembly which will be finicky and require a lot of perseverance and patience; speaking of “P” words. What a complex project. Lastly the Grade 5/6’s are continuing to paint their good copies of their famous art replications. Whether it be on canvases or stools these art pieces are starting to come to life right before our eyes. Each class I can see the progress happening.


I hope we can see all the visual artwork come to completion. We only have 6 art classes left for each classroom before the end of the year and a lot of work left to finish! So I want to see us all continuing to work hard as we get closer to the end of the year. 


As an aside, I have had the privilege to bring around 24 students from grades 3-6 every second week for 6 weeks to the Children of the Earth high school. They are getting to participate in an indigenous learning arts collaboration learning about the 13 moons on the turtles back. I have included some photos from the experience in this month’s newsletter. 



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