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Coach Room 20

December 4, 2023

Time seems to be moving quickly, especially as we approach the holiday season. Students continue to work hard in all academic areas. In science we have engaged in many hands on activities, including making a paper human skull with a moveable jaw, as we learned about the importance of the human skull. Our Tuesday dance classes are super energetic and students who engage are getting an impressive workout. Ms. Ale continues as our guest artist teaching us how to make paper mache Alebrijes, magical creatures who assist us. Our Roots baby is growing so fast that we are loving seeing the awesome growth. We really look forward to her visits and think she might look forward to them as well. Swimming every second Thursday continues to be popular. Some students are really improving in their swimming skills, never mind having a lot of fun splashing and playing in the Pan Am Pool. We are looking forward to our upcoming holiday dinner with our guardians and staff. It always proves to be a wonderful event. Have a happy holiday season everyone and we will see you in the new year.

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