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Coach Room 20

January 26, 2023

Welcome to the New Year, everyone. We hope you had an excellent holiday break. It may be hard to notice but the days are getting longer! Some of us are excited about this as we tend to thrive better with daylight. Are you getting outside each day to enjoy the fresh air and get some much needed sunlight? We are. We try to get out at least once each day, except when the temperature is dangerously cold. It’s refreshing and helps us stay healthy and more engaged in our learning activities. Last month our students took part in several art activities. We made winter scenes using Seesaw and other apps. The students are getting very good at using the graphic design tools in Seesaw. We also made beautiful snow globes as a Crafternoon activity. Of course, who can forget, we participated in Kelvin High School Holiday Pancake Breakfast! You might not believe who showed up! Someone from the North Pole!! We had a visit from Constable Heath who taught us about Internet Safety. This is a very important topic and we are thankful for the information. In Social Studies we are following Second Step and learning how to develop the skills to help us resolve most conflicts. Next month is February and that is our I Love to Read month. What are you going to be reading? 



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