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Coach Room 20

May 7, 2024

This has been an exciting time at COACH. Springtime here is filled with lots of exciting hands-on-learning. We are currently incubating 29 duck eggs and are very excited to welcome the ducklings! We will keep them for a few days and then will send them off to a farm. Shortly after we will be welcoming 24 chicken eggs and we will repeat the cycle with those chicks. We also have our Painted Lady Butterflies and get to watch them go through their life-cycle sequence: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis/metamorphosis, butterfly. We hope to release them either in the community or at the Assiniboine Leaf Gardens. Kids are anticipating our trip to Narcisse Snake Pits to witness the annual den emergence. So cool! We are also starting our annual STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) research project for Tomatosphere where we observe the growth of tomato seeds in a blind experiment. One set of seeds have been exposed to the environment of space while the other set remained on Earth. Very exciting stuff! We have learned a lot about space this year and this feels like a real good activity to help tie things together. There are so many opportunities within space research besides becoming an astronaut. The solar eclipse was a great experience. We had our special glasses from the Manitoba Museum and the clouds thinned just in time for us to witness the event. Our students continue to enjoy and benefit from our weekly dance activity. Last month we learned all kinds of tricks and tips to help develop our break dance, or “breaking”, routines. It takes a lot of coordination, flexibility, and practice. Baby Leo continues to amaze us with her growth as we wrap up our Roots of Empathy classes, where she is the real teacher. We wish her the very best in her many years to come. In music we are perfecting our chiming routine and look forward to when we get to do our performance. See you next month! 

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